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Our lessons are provided online for free. If they help you, please purchase our apps to support the site. Theory Lessons for iOS. Enhanced offline versions of our   ‎ The Staff, Clefs, and Ledger · ‎ Note Duration · ‎ The Major Scale · ‎ The Minor Scales. One humongous list of free online music education games organized by aural eMusic Theory Practice–exercises to practice note names, piano keys, string. Online piano - lesson game, Lesson Simon for memorize notes. Music theory midi game, Theory auditory, Theory Auditory Prob. Guitar online game (music.


Keys, Scales, and the Concept of "Tonal Center" Intermediate Tuning and Intonation - This course covers pitch comparison, tuning and intonation. Introducing SingTrue from Easy Ear Training! All of Tonic Tutor's games have settings you can change so you can tailor each student's lesson as they progress. THE GIST OF IT - Just like in the kostenlos canasta spielen ohne anmeldung game called Snap, look at two cards and decide whether they are a "match". KEY SIGNATURE SNAP THE GIST OF IT - Just like in the card game called Snap, look at two cards and decide whether they are a "match". Thanks for all you've already provided to help us become better musicians! Key Signatures Learn about key signatures and the special ordering of accidentals. music theory online games

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When you hear a chord in a song, can you tell right away if it's major, minor or dominant? Key Signature Construction Construct the requested key signature. You have to practice it like everything else. Generic Intervals Learn how two notes are measured on the staff. Give it a shot with our new game Rhythm Repeat.